raclette au fromage avec de délicieux ingrédients


World Raclette Day.
Raclette is a traditional dish originating from the Swiss mountains, particularly from the canton of Valais. It’s a friendly dish where people gather around a raclette grill to melt cheese on potatoes and accompany it all with cold meats and vegetables. World Raclette Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of April, the ideal opportunity to get together with family or friends and enjoy a good raclette.


Raclette takes its name from the French word “racler”, because traditionally cheese was scraped to be melted on the potatoes. This dish was born in the 18th century in the Swiss mountains, where it was prepared by shepherds during their transhumance. The cheese used at the time was alpine cheese, a mixture of cow’s and sheep’s milk. Today, raclette is prepared with cow’s milk cheese and can be accompanied by a wide choice of cold meats and vegetables.


The first edition of World Raclette Day took place in 2019, at the initiative of Swiss cheese producers and refiners. Since then, this day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of April in several countries, including Switzerland, France, Germany and Japan. The objective of this day is to promote this emblematic dish of the Swiss mountains and to share a friendly moment around a raclette.


Global consumption of raclette cheese is estimated at around 100,000 tonnes per year. France is the world’s largest consumer, with an annual consumption of 65,000 to 75,000 tonnes. It is followed by Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Belgium. In France, raclette consumption increased by 10% in 2019 compared to the previous year, with an average of 1.5 kilograms consumed per person each year. In Switzerland, the annual production of  raclette cheese  is around 28,000 tonnes and the country exports almost 40% of its production. Raclette is also very popular in Germany, where it is often served with potatoes and cold meats.


Raclette can be prepared in different ways, depending on tastes and regional traditions.

Some add white wine to the melted cheese to give it more flavor, others prefer to use already sliced ​​raclette cheese for a quicker fondue.

In general, raclette is accompanied by potatoes, cold meats (cured ham, sausage, etc.) and vegetables (pickles, mushrooms, etc.).

For an even more convivial experience, it is recommended to turn the melted cheese using a wooden spatula so that everyone can help themselves.

And don’t forget to enjoy your raclette with a glass of dry white wine or tea, depending on your preference. So grab your raclette machines and enjoy your meal!

# Happy World Raclette Day!

In conclusion, World Raclette Day is an international celebration that highlights a traditional Swiss dish that is very popular in many countries. But more than just a dish, raclette is above all a moment of sharing and conviviality between loved ones. So why not organize a raclette party to celebrate this day? And don’t forget, raclette can be enjoyed all year round, not just on the second Saturday in April!

Enjoy your meal and see you soon for a next raclette party!


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la journée mondiale de la raclette
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